Sunday, February 7, 2010

e-Commerce for Your Website

More and more folks are adding e-Commerce to their small business websites these days and why not. It's an easy cost effective way to sell that offers customers the ultimate in convenience. If you're planning to add e-commerce to your site here's a tip you should be aware of. At least 60% of all e-commerce transactions are never completed. In many cases it's because your customers don't have confidence in your site due to poor design or questions about security or they simply aren't clear about some aspect of the purchase. Make sure your products are clearly displayed and your e-commerce engine is intuitive, reliable and 100% trust worthy. Making customers jump through numerous hoops to get to check out will only frustrate them and erode any confidence that brought them to your site in the first place.

PayPal is one the better engines to use because it's well established, intuitive and very secure.

If you need more advice for an upcoming project we're happy help out.

Best Regards,

Paul Phillips