Friday, January 21, 2011

Small Business Websites

If you're thinking about starting a small business website here's a few things to think about.

1. Your new website is the first impression people will make about your business so it must make a positive impact.

2. You will have 3 seconds to capture your clients attention when they land on your site so again, it must be visually appealing.

3. There should be no mistake about what your business or service is about.

4. Avoid the "lets cram as many buttons on a page as we can" syndrome as your prospects will get frustrated and click away.

5. Know your target audience. If your target audience is over 40 years of age then tiny text on your site is not the way to go as this audience won't be able to easily read your message.

6. Ensure contact information is clear and easily accessible.

7. Lastly, don't give your prospects any reason to click away from your site. Make your site as inviting as possible.

Thanks for stopping by and give us a call if you would like some help putting together your new website!

Paul Phillips