Equipment Reviews

Think Tank Photo Speed RacerV2 / Skin Set & Pro Speed Belt

We got a chance recently to update some of our gear and decided it was time to look at some Think Tank Photo products on the advice of a good friend. The two bags we chose were the Speed Racer V2 and Skin Set. All we can say is, "Think Tank where have you been!" Both are well built products and are now in use in our daily rotation.

Update–We learned recently that Think Tank has just release a new improved V2 version of the Modular and Skin Sets to be available in Dec 2011.

Impact Power Sync-16 and Kata OC-84

Part of being an elearning web designer is being a "jack of all trades" and being able to use a plethora of related equipment such as cameras, lighting, tripods, camcorders, you name it. We also have to pack up this equipment regularly when we visit remote locations for clients. To this end, we feel we can offer some great tips and advice on our equipment and hopefully help you decide which equipment might be right for you.

We've posted a couple of videos on our blog to determine if this will be helpful or not for our viewers so by all means, drop us a line and give us your thoughts.

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Kata R-104 and T-212

Here's a couple of great bags. The T-212 for quick grab and goes or the Kata R-104 for traveling for longer periods with a fair size kit in tow. You can't beat the quick access panel of the R-104!

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 Lowe Pro Top Loader 75 AW and the Trek Tech T-Pod

The toploader is a good choice when you only want your camera with longer lens. The T-Pod is a phenomenally versatile tool of many uses. Check it out!

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Thanks for stopping by and we hope the reviews are helpful. 

Paul Phillips
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